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If you aim to be a licensed practical nurse (LPN), the first thing that you have to do is to choose the right LPN  Nursing school. This is an integral part of the start of your career in the field of nursing. This is where you will learn what you have to in order to work well in whatever kind of workplace where you will eventually be employed in. As an LPN, also called as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in some states, you will work closely with the patients. You will be tasked to give them basic medical care. You will be getting the orders from a Registered Nurse (RN).

As an LPN, you will likely find work in hospitals, nursing home facilities, private offices of doctors and medical clinics. You will be guided by an RN as you routinely check patients' vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, respiratory and pulse. You will also asses the condition of the patients. You must report to the RN how they react

to medications and treatments. It is your duty to observe and give your findings to the RN who will execute further step in order to try and fix the problem. The RN will be liable for your mistakes and if ever you have decided to do more than what was asked from you.

So do you think that you are fit to become an LPN? After you have chosen the LPN school where you will get the program, the length of training will vary. If you will be getting a hospital certificate, the training can be done in a year or less. It can be up to two years if you have decided to take this from a trade school or a community college. After you have finished the program and graduated from it, you will be required to pass NCLEX-PN certificate examination to qualify you to get employment as an LPN.

In choosing schools, you must ask for the specific training that they can provide for you. After you have gathered such information, you must then weigh in what school will be able to help you become the best in the field.

List of state approved LPN schools.
LPN Nursing Schools
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