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LPN to RN Cost – How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost of enrolling in an LPN to RN Bridge program is about $19,950.

Once you finish the bridge program, you will have the opportunity to apply to nursing schools so that you can have a career as an RN. An accredited bachelor’s degree is usually required to start your career with a hospital or other health care facility. There are various benefits that this will give you.

The Bachelor’s program offered here provides you with knowledge in the various subjects that will be needed for advanced education in the medical field.


There are two types of LPN to RN Bridge Programs available – LPN to RN bridge programs combine LPN coursework with general academic coursework in order to prepare students for nursing practice or RN bridge programs that concentrated only on RN courses. Many LPNs start out with an LPN program in order to gain experience before moving on to their RN career.

What are the Benefits of Having an LPN to RN Bridge Degree? If you want to earn an RN, you’ll probably want to spend some time in nursing. Most RNs have experienced working with patients in the hospital setting so they generally have a good bedside manner and can be patient-oriented. LPN to RN bridge programs enables one to get real-world experience from working directly with RNs.

How Long Does it Take to Earn an LPN to RN? An LPN to RN can take two years or less to complete.  The length of time to complete an LPN to RN course is based on the average number of credits per semester. Some LPN programs may have shorter program lengths and some may be long enough to continue as an RN while attending to the requirements of your LPN program.

Can I still work as LPN while taking classes to become RN? The short answer is yes. Although some administrators will not recommend it, you can transfer credit for previous work experience or school experience that you have already accomplished. This will help you better compete with other applicants for the same position once you have earned your LPN to RN degree. As a matter of fact, many schools nurse inform students that there will be a credit transfer option available if they have worked in the nursing field prior to going to school.  Going full-time from LPN to RN helps you achieve your final objective much quicker.  However, if you require to work to earn immediate living expenses then taking bridge courses at night is highly recommended.

Why should I consider earning my LPN to RN degree? Today, nurses are in high demand. Nurses are an essential part of the medical system due to their ability to provide patients with the highest quality patient care in any healthcare setting. If you would like to work in critical care, orthopedics, or another area of medicine that requires licensed nurses, then you will likely need to obtain an LPN to RN degree to be eligible to apply for those positions.

LPN to RN provides a stiff upgrade in terms of take-home pay.  The salary of an LPN is around 40k while double an RN.

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