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For all LPN to RN students, becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) can be done within a year or less. This will depend on the school where you have decided to take the program. To qualify for this kind of certificate, you must at least be a high school graduate. You will also be asked to take and pass a nursing exam test before you can proceed with the training. After you have successfully completed the program, you will be required to pass a state licensing exam (NCLEX-PM). This will be your key to be qualified for employment in hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, private settings or at the offices of doctors.

As an LPN, you will follow orders that are given by a Registered Nurse (RN). You are responsible to take vital signs of patients like their blood pressure, respiratory, pulse and temperature.  Your main task will be to observe the patients and report your findings to the RN. You will take note how the patients react to medications and treatments.

You must remember that you cannot go beyond the tasks that were asked for you to accomplish even if you think that you can do such. If you will insist on it, the RN’s job will be in jeopardy. This will also reflect on your record. And you don’t want that to happen, especially because you will follow a career path of being an LPN to RN.

To be able to succeed from being LPN to RN, you must finish a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You must be prepared with the obstacles that you may be presented with along the way. There are many LPNs who weren’t able to make the jump because they can’t find time to get few subjects each semester. You can opt to quit the job to be able to focus on your studies, but not everybody can afford to lose their earnings because they need that to support their families. You will be lucky to be employed in hospitals, nursing homes or private individuals that will finance and support you as you leap from being LPN to RN.

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